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  • How to carry out safe operation, maintenance and maintenance of printing machines
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    1. the machines can be operated only with permission and proper supervision.
    2. before the operation, all safety measures and equipment should be prepared.

    3. if the machine stops for no reason, it should avoid restarting. 

    4. before starting the machine, it should check whether someone is doing other adjustments. 

    5. All  tools should be put back, at the same time bell to inform the other partners. 

    6. if the noise is too large, apply earplugs. 

    7. should avoid the hand placed in the rotating parts of the machine, digital printing [encyclopedia micro-blog], the body does not rely on tight machine. 

    8. when the machine is running, do not make some adjustments to drilling machine. 

    9. don't try from the plate or roller to skin or paper out. 

    10. can not be on when the machine is running, wiping roller or rollers. 

    11. non disposable paper. 

    12. when the cloth is applied, it should be folded to avoid being caught in the machine terminology, and if there is an accident, we can not try to pull back the cloth block. 

    13. check the plate and blanket loose or not. 

    14. apply proper lubrication tools and lubricants for maintenance work. 

    15. lubrication work should be strictly and to maintain constancy. 

    16. in maintenance and repair, the total power should be closed, to ensure that all parts are locked, to avoid the risk of falling suddenly. 

    17. in the maintenance period of investment procurement, should be placed in the power switch placed warning board, to prevent others from starting the machine.


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